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This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who are the experts on reptilians?

Who are the experts on reptilians? No-one!

Those of us who know of the existence of reptilians, know for a reason, or a series of reasons. We each have some level of experience that convinces us of their existence and illustrates some of their attributes.

But that is where it stops.

The human brain will always fill in the gaps in it's knowledge, so it does so based on previous learnings and experience. We all develop conceptual frameworks within which we explain life. I got my first introduction to reptilians when I was exposed to them via the ancient mystery schools. So I used their conceptual framework and their language to understand and explain what I saw and what I experienced. For more on this framework, refer to Energy, Vibrations and Life and The Human Energy Bodies.

Others have different experiences and different ranges of knowledge and so use different languages and frameworks with which to understand and explain their experiences. This means that we inevitably come up with different scenarios to explain who and what the reptilians are and their agenda on earth. We can never agree. We can tell similar stories but we can never agree on the details of the story. That is just the way it is.

The only thing we can be certain of is that we are ALL wrong to some degree. The reptilian world exists beyond the range of the human senses to perceive them so we have no way of experiencing the full picture in full three dimensional awareness. We make up for our 3 dimensional limitations by developing and using our occult senses, by intuiting, channelling, theorising, and a host of other occult senses, to increase our experience, and these lead us into even murkier territory that we can never prove to anyone else.

Our challenge now is to work co-operatively with others who also have experience of reptilians to:
  • See what we know - each of us must honestly identify what is knowledge and what is conjecture so that we each, individually, build up the most accurate and complete picture available to us.
  • Share our knowledge with others, and most importantly listen to what others have to say in the most respectful way. 
  • Compare our similarities and differences to see if we can clarify those aspects that are, as yet, obscure. At this point we stop, because this is not about winning. It is about learning. No-one can be completely certain they have the full picture.
From this point we need to change the process. We need to:
  • Identify problems posed by the reptilians that we can agree on.
  • Identify solutions for those problems that we can agree on.
  • Implement those solutions.
The very process of implementing solutions will bring new experiences that will add to our insights and analyses, so we keep cycling round through See, Share and Compare to Identify problemsIdentify solutions and Implement solutions.

Why will this never happen?  It will never happen because everyone in "the reptilian business" has an ego stake in being right. Everyone wants to be seen as "the expert". No-one is prepared to respect the contribution of others to the total picture. No-one want to co-operate as part of a team. And most importantly, no-one wants to get into solutions mode, get logical, and do the hard yards necessary to identify and implement solutions.

Or do they?

And without this, the reptilians win whatever it is they are trying to win.

Or do they?


On seduction and forgiveness

One of the common features of the controllers is that they are masters of turning everything we do to their advantage. For the most part, they follow our moves and distort them to their purposes. They do not bother to lead us anywhere. They just take advantage of everything we do and distort it.

Seducing movements
Whatever the origins of the ancient mystery schools, they are now controlled by the controllers. Mystery schools themselves used to recognise this in their requirement to shut a school down after 144 years, as the corruption by then would be impossible to control. The mysteries were retained and guarded by a small handful of high level initiates who passed them down for a few generations until a new school could emerge again after another 144 years. Mystery schools knew they could be corrupted, as they are. They are all well past their 144 years today.

The New Age emerged out of the corrupt mystery schools with most of the early new agers being initiates of these mystery schools. They became disaffected from them because of the clear corruption and clear control by the controllers. However, we didn't get away from the controllers for long. All they had to do was wheel out a few Americans with perfect teeth and massive media machines, and the new age got seduced into the meaningless pap it is today.

They do this with every single movement we start, meaning we can guarantee that any movement will be taken over and corrupted. These days with the power of the media machine, they can take anything over in days or weeks, rather than 144 years.

Seducing individuals
They also seduce individuals, both those who are useful to them and those who are a nuisance to them, often without that individual having any idea what has happened. They are masters of corruption. This means that anyone who comes to their attention is extremely likely to take a wrong turn despite their best intentions. Watch any leader of the current alternative movements and you will see that leader starting to do things that they would not have dreamed of doing a few days, months or years earlier. Mostly they think they are doing the right thing, but have made just a tiny veer off their pathway that will take them into the abyss if they do not correct it. Often what they are doing is still 99% right, but it is that remaining 1% that serves the agenda of the controllers.

There may be a few individuals who have voluntarily sold out to the controllers, but most have been seduced without their knowledge.

On an individual level, we must all be alert to being corrupted. None of us is immune. We can accidentally take our intuitive direction from a wrong source. We can allow our egos to become inflated. We can trust the wrong person. One way or another, we can become victims of misdirection. Each and every one of us can - and will - become victims of misdirection. What matters is how quickly we recognise that misdirection and how willing we are to correct. Money can be key here. If our income is now reliant on that misdirection, correction can be very hard indeed. Ego can be just as hard to manage. If we have gained status, then we are likely to do whatever he have to do to hang onto that new found status - even once we know we are doing the wrong thing.

Leaders and followers, and the dismantling of hierarchy
If we choose to look for the good side of this, then there is a seriously good side to it.

One feature of the new world we are heading for is the dismantling of hierarchy. Hierarchy is premised on the belief that that someone else is intrinsically better than we are. This allows us to hand over power to that person as we trust that they can think, lead and commune with our god better than we can. Our new world is premised on respect, which is different. We can respect that a person has a skill or knowledge that we do not have. I have not chosen to be an electrician so I will respect what an electrician has to say about how to wire a plug. In turn, that electrician is not a sports trainer and so will trust what the trainer has to say about how to play the game. Neither the electrician nor the trainer is a superior human being. They just have a specialist skill so that we do not all have to be specialists at everything.

Fundamentalists of all kinds expect perfection from their leaders. They want to hero-worship their leaders so that they can hand over total power and total responsibility to their leaders. But no-one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, so we should never place blind trust in anyone. Even someone we have been able to trust will, from time to time, make serious mistakes, so we must always stay alert to those mistakes. Our love for another is demonstrated both by how much we trust them in the first place and by how much we stick by them when they betray that trust - as they will. Everyone does.

So let's stop building leaders into demi-gods, and let's stop hating them when they fall. Let's take what advantage we can from every individual who stands out from the crowd, without trying to turn that individual into a leader we can follow or an object of hate to be derided. Let's learn what we can from them and integrate that learning into our growing awareness. Let's be just a little tolerant when those leaders take a wrong turn, as they all inevitably will. The more potential they have, the more they will be targeted for corruption and the more subtle and insidious that corruption will be.

And most importantly, let each and every one of us keep a hawk eye on our own pathway and pray that we have some good friends who will both correct us and forgive us when we take that inevitable wrong turn.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The importance of the pineal gland

The Pineal Gland

  1. Our pineal gland is the seat of our imagination and capacity for visual imagery.
  2. Our pineal gland is being calcified by various toxins in our food and water supply, but particularly fluoride and aluminium.
  3. Our pineal gland is no longer working as effectively as it should because of this calcification.
  4. As a result of this calcification humans are losing the capacity for imagination which is behind a lot of our creativity and problem solving ability, and the key ingredient in our capacity for sympathy and empathy.

The Pineal Gland and "I" Levels

  1. We develop through stages in childhood where we learn to define ourselves in relation to individuals and society around us. I have covered this here. "I" Levels and psychopaths
  2. "I" Level 3 is the functional level of the psychopath.
  3. The higher levels of development from "I" Level 4 and above require a functional pineal gland.
  4. In earlier times, social training caused individuals to graduate through to "I" Levels to level 4 where we were trained to understand sympathy, and "I" Level 5 where we developed empathy.
  5. Now, with calcified pineal glands, many who were at "I" Levels 4 and 5 are degenerating to 3
  6. Now, with calcified pineal glands, those coming up through the ranks are not getting beyond 3, the level of the psychopath.

What we can do about it

  1. Detox
  2. Detox
  3. Detox
  4. Resume social training of our children. They get to understand why they are doing what they are doing AFTER they have learned to do it, not before. So we must train them in manners, train them in consideration of the needs of others and give them practices to build up their experience with compassion.
This is a stub that will be developed further at a later date.


Monday, November 18, 2013

A new model of reality

There are times when our view of reality breaks down. We know that everything we once knew was a lie, but at least it was a relatively consistent lie with some relatively comprehensible rules to play the game by. Sure, there were a few odd things that did not make sense and that niggled at us, but we were functional.

Then along comes a crisis of some kind, and the whole house of cards comes crumbling down, often with only a few odd bits of pieces of apparently unrelated data hanging on to give us any kind of framework for our new view of reality.

Reptilians Exposed represents that process. I have "mind dumped" bits and pieces of new data as they have emerged, but not tried to weave them together into an entirely new picture. So here goes. This is also just a "dump".  I don't expect to get far with my first attempt at writing down the new picture of reality that has been building up in my awareness over many years.

Each of the assumptions below I have covered somewhere in Reptilians Exposed and each should probably be a well crafted chapter in a book rather than a one line summary.


Assumptions about our current status that can probably be demonstrated by 3D scientific method:
  1. Our current world is mad. If you do not take this as a starting assumption do not read on. This blog and this article is not for you.
  2. Our pineal gland is the seat of our imagination and capacity for visual imagery.
  3. Our pineal gland is being calcified by various toxins in our food and water supply, but particularly fluoride and aluminium.
  4. Our pineal gland is no longer working as effectively as it should, meaning that humans are losing the capacity for imagination which is behind a lot of our creativity and problem solving ability.
  5. We develop through stages in childhood where we learn to define ourselves in relation to individuals and society around us. I have covered this here. "I" Levels and psychopaths
  6. "I" Level 3 is the functional level of the psychopath.
  7. The higher levels of development from "I" Level 4 and above require a functional pineal gland.
  8. In earlier times, social training caused individuals to graduate through to "I" Levels to level 4 where we were trained to understand sympathy, and "I" Level 5 where we developed empathy.
  9. Now, with calcified pineal glands, many who were at "I" Levels 4 and 5 are degenerating to 3, and those coming up through the ranks are not getting beyond 3, the level of the psychopath.
  10. Culture and society, not individuals, are responsible for determining the proportion of the population that graduates to the higher "I" Levels and those who remain retarded at "I" Level 3. Individuals themselves are not to blame.
Assumptions about our current status that cannot be demonstrated by third dimensional scientific method:
  1. There are other dimensional realities such as 4th and 5th dimensions where beings live, invisible to human eyes in 3D.
  2. These beings can interact with us. Some are good guys who help us and some are bad guys (in relation to us) with agendas of their own, who can actively interfere with our functioning and cause us to self-sabotage.
  3. Our bodies have different vibratory rates which can be altered by both physical matter such as toxins, and by invisible factors such as thoughts and emotions. You can read about energy bodies and vibratory rates here. The Human Energy Bodies and here, Energy, Vibrations and Life
  4. When we are sad or angry our vibratory rate is low, and when we are experiencing kindness and happiness it is high. This is not the same a feeling high which is an hysterical response to an incomprehensible world.
  5. There is an occult principle related to the power of thought, variously understood under the title of The Hundredth Monkey, Group Mind or Egregore. Read about them here. The Hundredth Monkey and The power of group mind. Rupert Sheldrake is the modern advocate of this idea.


So what do we do about it all? These suggestions are equally valid whether or not we limit our thinking to 3D or are happy to speculate on 4D and beyond.

We must look after ourselves first: 
  1. Pull out of the game, step by step, and take back personal responsibility for our own health, education, spirituality, justice and food and water supply.
  2. Stop consuming toxins that are dragging our bodily vibratory rate down.
  3. Start eating food with a high vibratory rate, very high nutritional levels and as clean as we can manage. Superfood Snacks  is based around these principles.
  4. Detox toxins from our pineal glands so that we regain our power of imagination.
  5. Identify from and disconnect from all psychopathic individuals on our lives who will drag us down. Thomas Sheridan has some useful interviews and books to help us identify these individuals. This can be hard to do in our own lives because, if they are in our lives at all, it is because we have become attracted or addicted to them in some way. My personal trick is to move towards people who can use the word "we" and distance myself from people who can only use the words "I" and "You".  It's a simple but effective technique.
  6. Get as intellectually clear as we possibly can about everything that is happening in our world, and focus on solutions. If you only want to consider our 3D universe, then find real solutions to real problems. If you can work with 4D and 5D ideas, then the more clearly we see the problem and the more clearly we identify solutions, the more we contribute to mankind reaching a the Hundredth Monkey turning point - where we turn this madness around. It is only negative to think about negative things if we never reach the point of thinking through solutions. Nothing is more positive than identifying what a problem really is and finding a solutions.   
Do what we can to help others without becoming embroiled back into the game.
  1. We can stay in the game without getting embroiled in the game. I have chosen to give a clearer logical framework to the concept of reptilians, but maintain my own personal safe distance from the psychopaths. I maintain Reptilians Exposed and I also do quite a bit on the ground related to growing food and healing with food. My chosen audience is people like us. Some speculate that we only need 5-6% to trigger the hundredth monkey point, so I have chosen to help strengthen that 5-6% as much as I can.
This article itself will keep changing over time as I craft all my tangential thoughts into a new model of reality.