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Thursday, February 11, 2010

An international perspective on the New World Order

There is a tendency for people to think that only their country or locality is experiencing problems. You can bet that any problem in one country is already, or is about to become, a problem in all countries. We are already under global world government, with very few countries (such a Cuba and Venezuela) standing out against the NWO. Our local national governments have been a sham for a long time, with our leaders little more than puppets for the invisible governments.

There are some local flavours, with something that may invoke rebellion tested out in one country before being introduced globally, so, for example, England is the test capital for surveillance and ludicrous levels of social control, Australia is being used to test internet control, America seems to be bearing the brunt of insane national debt along with a few other smaller countries, Europe for insane controls over healthy food and food supplements. Once these measures are introduced and refined locally, they are implemented globally.

What is happening in your country?

Globally, our masters are seeing how much invasion and genocide of innocent victims they can "spin" and we will tolerate before we see through the lies and say "no more". Haiti is just the latest in a long list. US troops are used in these invasions, but the US is not in charge of them - the transnational industrial/military complex is.

And who is behind all this? Why, the reptilians of course. They are here and they are in charge, whether we want to admit it or not.