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Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to remove 4D parasites

Recently someone in a conversation questioned why we need to know what is motivating the controllers. It makes a difference because we need to work out how to stop them.

Reptilians and their ilk are parasites, just invisible ones given they are 4th dimensional beings. Consider an animal with worms. If you give them a treatment for hook worms it will not work on tape worms. Both are parasites, and both are affecting the health of the animal, but different treatments are required to remove them. The same is true with reptilian and other parasitic 4D infestations or human beings.

Of course it is harder to identify which parasite is infesting us when they are invisible. However, we can identify them by their effects, or at least we can identify two major groups.

Mind Control Parasites
There are the mind control parasites, the reptilians. These are the ones that gradually take control of our beings, by initially getting us to justify a compromise of our principles, and then getting us to dig in deeper and deeper, until we are playing out their agenda. The reptilians are one group who have large parts of the human population playing out their agenda, one where human compassion has been replaced by "evil". If you come from a Christian background, you might lump all of these parasites into the concept of "the devil". This is a simplification from a primitive, superstitious people to make sense of the work of the reptilian like beings who are invisible to them.

To dislodge reptilian entities from our being, we have to take control back of our minds. There is a simple technique for reducing their mind control. Tell the truth. Every day of our lives we lie in order to keep out jobs or keep our relationships. Just stop lying. This is easier said than done as most of our relationships are premised on lies, so we need to take time to think through each lie, and think through the best way of ending it. At the end of the day, if we stop lying, we become the "authentic being" talked about by genuine spiritual teachers.

There is no space for even white lies, and this pathway is too difficult for most. We are embedded in layer upon layer of lies, that we started laying down in childhood, and that can be used by reptilians any time they like to "activate" us into their service. Only absolute truthfulness will take us out of their power, and they will fight back. I have a range of articles on this. I have not attempted to address how they will attempt to stop us getting free, as the solution is the same; absolute truthfulness.

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Emotional Parasites
Then there are the emotional parasites. These guys do not control on a mind level, but feed on negative emotion. They prod their hosts into greater and greater degrees of emotional negativity, which is food for them. When you see someone spiralling down into negativity and despair, these little guys are at work. Again, if you come from a Christian background, you will call these demons. To dislodge these emotional parasites, spin.

The spinning is for demonic possession only, and it is closely related to the spinning advocated in the 5 Tibetans. Spinning is designed to stimulate the pineal gland, and the drugs generated in the pineal when we spin cheer us up. In addition, the act of spinning dislodges the demonic entities themselves, and they cannot re-attach immediately because of the happy drugs that have been generated in our brain. They can re-attach later when the old negativity returns, but regular spinning will keep them away until the psyche has been re-set by the pineal happy drugs.

Recovering from the Damage Done
On this site I have differentiated between two states only, active demonic invasion and reptilian take-over, and have advocated techniques for removing the parasites from our beings. These two categories are an over simplification, but they are enough for now. Nothing else can be achieved until these steps have been taken. I am not addressing, nor am I claiming to address, how anyone recovers from the trauma caused by possession, only with how to remove the possession itself.

 I am not addressing generational trauma issues in these two techniques, or the psychological results of fourth dimensional abuse by archonic beings. The are thousands of ways of dealing with trauma, and I have not come across one, in 40 years of research where I trust the motivation of “the” “rapist” applying it. As soon as a third party intervenes to heal us, we give away our power, which is exactly what we must not do. The two techniques I have given are self-empowered ways of getting rid of “possession” only, not of healing from a lifetime or more of damage.