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Friday, March 19, 2010

The reptilian mind control beings

I have clustered all 4D entities that take some level of mind control over human beings as reptilians, but in fact, there are many different types.

Some writers talk about beings from specific planetary or star systems such as Sirius or Andromeda that they have gleaned from their personal contact with these constellations. They are abductees with clear channels of communication. I don't have this kind of clear channel with an extra-terrestrial group.

There are others who talk about human lineages such as the European royal lineage, the Merovingian dynasty, and others, which they tend to clump together into a single category, the Illuminati. Again, I have not done the historical research to find all of these dynasties and compare them with what I know.

My information is earth based experiential, and is compatible with both the stellar origins and the human bloodlines theories. My current views are based on a composite of personal experiences with human beings who are "hosting" "symbiotes" with different characteristics, my own occult training through AMORC and the Theosophical Society, reading about these people, and observations of political events over 40 odd years. My theory simply makes sense.

I have identified at least three major categories of human host for 4D entities, the reptilians, the bulls and the cabbage patch dolls. These may have a physical form on other planetary systems, but on earth they are limited to the fourth dimension, the astral plane, the first heaven - whichever name takes your fancy. They can only function on earth through human beings and ALL human beings are available for takeover by them, some lineages more so than others. Once taken over by them, the human physical appearance may "bend" slightly to reflect the symbiotic being, but only slightly, in the way that dogs and owners end up looking alike. Also they find certain bloodlines more accommodating and more comfortable than others.

However, if they lose control of a particular human being, or if that human being loses the earthly power they want to control, they can simply move on to someone better placed to fulfil their urges. Have you ever noticed how you depose a leader of some kind because you don't like what they are doing, only to find their successor, who seemed so different, is now doing all the same things?

I say "fulfil their urges", as their behaviour is largely enacted through the human reptilian brain, which controls survival instincts that can degenerate into lust for money, lust for sex, lust for power, lust for control. They lack the emotions except for the ability to take pleasure in fulfilling these lusts.

They are able to fulfil these lusts through their human hosts, and reward them with earthly or occult success. The mystery schools and religions are used by them to recruit new hosts, in exchange for occult power. As 4th dimension beings, what is occult to us is normal for them, so we get to "borrow" their "second sight", intuition or the like. On their departure, they withdraw the "skills" and intuitions that led to success, and that person's world will fall apart as none of it was based on their own merits. Their symbiote gave them worldly success and can take it away.

Back to the three groups. So that they are not perpetually at war with one another, the parasitic groups have carved out territories. The reptilians seem to be largely in charge of the money aspect of the world, are based in the City of London, and lust for power. The cabbage patch dolls are in charge of religion (and maybe science and law), are based in the Vatican, and lust for sex. The bulls are in charge of military endeavours, are based in Washington DC and lust for power. It is important to note that these three physical locations are independent states that are not part of the country that is hosting them. You can watch Ring Of Power-intro 101 to the NWO, which is a clip from Ring of Power for more information on this.

I guess that there is also a Moslem world dynasty, but have not accessed this information. I would guess that the middle eastern royal families and probably Al Fayed (father of Dodi Fayed, consort of Princess Dianna) are also part of these lineages and that her assassination was part of an internal dispute over dominance.

However, these power group delineations are not strict, as far as their human hosts are concerned, and a human can be a power broker who becomes a paedophile once out of power - in other words, they can host different classes of parasite, reptilian, bull, cabbage patch doll. These groups are largely co-operative - they support one another, even though they compete for overall power. Consider the habit of the British aristocracy, where the first son took over the family business, the second entered parliament, the third went into the army, the fourth copped the short straw with the military, and the fifth went into law and anyone left got to migrate to the colonies. (The order may be wrong, but you get my drift.) The Anglo Saxon Agenda as documented by Project Camelot, is about just one of these groups - the London based reptilian group. It is important when you watch this that you realise that is is just ONE group and not THE group, as it gives we Anglo Saxons a bad rap. It just happens that Anglo Saxon lineages tend to host reptilians, where other lineages tend to host bulls or cabbage patch dolls.

Remember we can ALL host these mind control parasites, and that we can dislodge them quite simply by telling the truth.