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This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On thinking this through, whether you believe it or not.

Whether or not you believe that there are reptilians, it is worth being alert to them, and thinking it through.

If a time comes - and we all hope it does - where we overthrow those who are doing all these terrible things, we need to understand that those we replace them with will do all the same terrible things, as the parasites will simply move from the overthrown humans to the new incumbents - if we do not understand their power and do not understand their limitations.

Once the big story is out, average humans will go on a killing spree, killing or imprisoning the reptilian hosts, in the mistaken belief that this will change anything.   It will be up to us to stop them with a simple explanation and a simple set of tools to render the reptilians ineffective.

To develop these tools we need to start at home with ourselves.  I have identified two main types of parasite, the mind parasites and the emotional parasites.  The first ones to deal with - because they are the easiest - are the emotional parasites.  These we can dislodge simply by spinning, so there is no excuse for a bad mood ever again - just get out and spin.

The mind parasites are harder to manage and take more effort, largely because we have pasted ourselves into a corner in our lives.  Our relationships, our jobs, our lifestyles, are all dependent on lies we have told.  We tell our friends all sorts of lies in order not to offend and we tell our bosses and workmates even more lies in order to keep our jobs, our incomes and our lifestyle.  We have to stop lying.  We justify our first itty bitty lie, and give a reptilian a foothold in our being.  Then we have to tell the second lie to cover the first.  At this stage our conscience is still pricking a little, but eventually we push our human conscience right to the back of our mind and gag it, justifying the really bad acts we are perpetrating to fulfil their agenda.  Once we no longer hear our conscience, a reptilian is in charge.  If you doubt this, watch out for your conscience to prick over for some little white lie you are telling - it can be as simple as misleading someone else without words.  Now work out the consequences if you stop telling that lie.  It's not an easy process to work through how to get out of the lie without getting out of the relationship.  But once we recognise that telling the truth is the ONLY solution to our current world problems, it becomes worth the effort.

I don't ask anyone to believe me.  Just spin when you are in a bad mood, and try to always tell the truth.  Watch the process in yourself and see what happens in your life.  To those who say this is refusing to take responsibility, I challenge you to manage every bad mood you get into, not by repressing it but by changing it, and to obey every single prick of your conscience.  This system requires more personal responsibility than most people are capable of, and far more honesty.

However you are quite right in that I am point blank refusing to take responsibility for the evil perpetrated by The Controllers.  This is not being done by me or for me and would never be done by any human still in connection with their conscience.  The human conscience precludes the kind of evil being perpetrated in our name in this world.  I will not take responsibility for the evil perpetrated by others.