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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The power of group mind

There is an occult principle we can use here - that of group mind or egregore.  When people come into emotional connection, they create a group mind.  For as long as they stay emotionally attached, they maintain that mind and their connection to it.  The thoughts of each connected person go into that mind and trickle back out into everyone else, so that the group comes into greater and greater unison of purpose over time.

We are all part of many different groups minds from family, through local community, nation, football club, continent, race etc.

ALL religions work by getting their congregations emotionally connected through fear, dependency or euphoria into their group mind, through which they can then control their congregations.

We do not need to be victim to this process and can take control of our own part in it.  We can examine every thought that is driving our behaviour and determine if we want it or have just "caught" it from a mind to which we are attached.  If we don't want it we can simply disown it.  We can do this by never acting against our consciences and by always telling the truth - easier said than done.

At the same time, we can educate ourselves as much as we can, and think everything through as clearly as we can. We then energise our clear intelligent thoughts into every group mind we are emotionally connected to.

The fact is that, at any point in history, the naive and careless will dominate numerically.  We can never expect to educate them, but we can influence them.  If we control our part of group mind well enough, a point of critical mass - the hundredth monkey point - will be reached and the "sheeple" will swing our way without ever having thought through why.

So for me, it is my responsibility to get well enough educated and get these ideas well enough thought through, to get them very clearly into every group mind to which I am connected. And this must include viable pathways to solution. Then they will filter back out through everyone else connected to that group mind.

If those of us who are awake become as awake and aware and educated and clear about what is going on as we possibly can - and I see groups like Project Camelot being critical to this process, then we are contributing to the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon.

However, it is not enough to just think things through clearly.  We have to become aware enough not to allow "THEM" to take control of the awakening and turn it into pap, as they have the "new age movement" and the "green movement". We are letting them steal our thunder, and this time we must be awake enough to them, and their agenda to not let them do it.