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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They are not us

We go through life wondering at how people can do the awful things they do.

I know that I don't kill people, rape people, cut up dead bodies, steal from people, torture people, practice vivisection. And what's more, nor do my friends. So who are these monsters who do? They don't live in my street or my suburb or work in my workplace.

I'm not saying normal people don't do nasty things, but they do them AGAINST their consciences because they are in fear - they fear losing their job or their income or their illusion of security. Their consciences do talk, they do feel shame about their own actions, but that gets over-ruled because they live in fear.

So who are these people who trade young girls for sex slavery, and who are these politicians and priests and other monsters who enjoy the satanic ritual. Who would bomb Iraq with dirty bombs for what evil agenda? They are not US.

These things are done through us, not by us. The Arabic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have led us to believe in "original sin", that we are born bad and have to be made good. But I was NOT born bad. Were you? Anything bad I have done in my life, I have done out of fear, never for pleasure. That is the difference. We experience fear and shame, they experience pleasure.

I will no longer take responsibility for the actions of these evil monsters.