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If you know very little about them, start by watching the video Reptilian & Annunaki History, then listen to the Richard Vizzutti audio files, then the David Icke interview on Red Ice Radio. After that you should be well enough informed to watch any videos and know if they are truth or lie. There are more videos on my YouTube channel.

This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to beat the NWO, step by step

Empower yourself
1 Speak your personal truth at every opportunity. Do not fear ridicule. If you are a feminist, dare to talk feminism: if you are an addict, dare to talk addiction, if you want a kinder world, dare to talk kindness. Take my little course here and see where it leads you.

2 Refuse to tell another lie. We tie ourselves into their system when we lie. We lie when we are afraid. Identify what you are afraid of and refuse to give in to that fear any more. Just stop lying. Join The Truth Revolution here to share your experiences.

Take control over your health
3 Learn to heal your body without doctors or drugs. Yes, this will take time, particularly to learn to trust alternative forms of healing, but it is a must. If you have no knowledge of how to heal yourself, start with electro-medicine. As much of this information is repressed, you will need to talk to people. The Rife Forum.

4 Stop eating all processed food, now, today! For 1 week eat only meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy and eggs in their pure natural form with no additives, no preservatives, no manufactured sauces of any description. Season with fresh garlic, fresh herbs or pure salt. See how you feel after a week, and pay special attention to how your body reacts to that first hamburger, or the first freezer meal. It will protest. Then all you have to do is obey it. Interested? Go to Weston Price to learn more.

Get Active
5 Plant heritage food. Plant food plants that can propagate themselves from their own seed. Don't plant hybrids which cannot propagate themselves and definitely don't plant genetically modified seeds. Leave behind a perennial or self propagating food plant wherever you go.

6 Collect heritage seed. Don't let Monsanto get control. Collect heritage seed. Go here to learn how. Run a search on YouTube with the words Monsanto and seeds to learn why.

7 Get people working together. Find all the groups on Facebook about a common subject, for example, chem trails or 9/11. Pick two and work on them to unite. Then pick another two and work on them to unite. United we stand, divided we fall.

8 Help the bees. Plant something that bees love. My favourite is purple basil; bees love it, it grows in a pot, it's as tough as old boots (except with frost) & it flowers for a long time. If you have space & a warm climate, plant citrus trees. Bees love them too.

Educate Others
9 Find the best information videos and distribute them to your friends. Pick short powerful ones. I have posted some good examples under the heading in the left column, THE BEST SHORT SHARP VIDEOS FOR EFFECT.

10 Create the best information material. Are you talented? Create websites, create your own videos, publish your own libraries of the best material available.