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Thursday, April 1, 2010

On political activism, passive resistance and getting on with our own business

The problems currently facing humanity transcend national boundaries and so transcend national constitutions, national legal systems and national solutions. A solution for America is not a solution for France, or Sweden, or South Africa or New Zealand. Once we realise that our problems are global, we have no choice but to conclude that the cure also transcends the petty legal systems of individual countries - and that includes the rhetoric of the American constitution.

We must realise that there is a one world government that transcends all of our national governments. It has been in place since at least the 1950s and since then all of our national governments have become mere puppets of that one world government. The rhetoric of democracy and of elected representatives remains, but in reality, our elected "governors" have a much higher level of loyalty to their masters than they do to their electors, whether those masters are in their political party organisations or in their "brotherhoods".

This means that any action we engage in must involve taking power back from the invisible one world government. Any action that does not have this as its underlying objective is doomed to fail. So how do we do this?

First, what don't we do. There is no point in taking political action. It all disappears into a black hole where we may win individual battles but we still lose the war. There is also no point in passive resistance as that still centres our attention on a one world government that has no right to exist. By resisting it, we give it power.

So what do we do? We start again. We simply ignore, as best we can, the current system and build our own, organically, from scratch. If we can, we avoid going to jail, but if resisting mandatory vaccinations means we are jailed, then that is the risk we have to take. We ignore their rule of law and replace it with our own rule of law - that rule dictated by the human conscience, springing from the human conscience. We make them irrelevant and create our own lines of responsibility. We refuse vaccination and continue to mega-dose with Vitamin C if we deem it necessary.

It could get tricky because, for a while, both would exist side by side, but ultimately the one that does actually serve human need will prevail if we stick to our guns.

We do need some clues on how to change ourselves so that we can work in this new, organic, holistic way. Our starting point is ourselves and it's not really that hard. We will go a long way towards creating this new system if we never tell another lie, and if we never try to impose our will on another. If we just test everything we want to do with "does it require a lie?" and "does it deprive another of their right to self-determination?", I am guessing we won't go far wrong. This will take care initially as we need time to adapt not only the words in our language, as we change the way we think about things, but also the syntax of our language - as all our relationships are premised on lies. Again, that will happen organically if we are consciously involved in the transformative process.

We have to start somewhere, so let's start by telling the truth.