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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Organic and holographic thinking, and how to re-organise the way we manage ourselves

I don't think anyone will question this - as human beings we are struggling with the current paradigm. We are not functioning well within it, and have a tendency to degenerate into poor behaviour. However, the reason for this is NOT that we are not inherently born bad, but that the system requires us to become bad just to survive within it.

As our first and primary mandate is to survive, we will do what we have to do to survive, but most of us have our consciences pricking most of the time - the more our consciences prick, the less successful we are in the current system. Those who succeed are those who repress their consciences the best. I believe it is fair to say that most of us do not like what we are doing, what our nations are doing, and what the world is doing, but we feel powerless to change things.

The solution is to change the paradigm - the entire basis of how we think about everything, and this is where it gets tricky, because our entire process of thinking is created by the paradigm. We think hierarchically, and we struggle to think any other way.  However, there is historical evidence that mankind has not always thought this way.  There are both tribal societies and advanced cultures that did not think this way. Riane Eisler has presented a novel view of European history - as an advanced culture - pre 5000 years ago. Florinda Donner lived with natives for 12 months and also presents a way of "being", as a result of her experiences with these people, that is non-hierarchical. These writers have both demonstrated that non-hierarchical ways of being are possible for the human being.

Alex Collier in his Awake and Aware talk in 2009 challenges us to think holographically.   I wasn't sure what he meant by that - I am not sure he was sure what he meant by that - so I did some research on what the term meant. I found plenty of discussion ABOUT holographic thinking, but nothing on using holographic thinking - that is, we are capable of defining it, but we do not seem to be currently capable of doing it. There is some relationship between holographic thinking and holistic thinking, but for as long as we think ABOUT it, we are not within it.

Years ago I came up with a simple model when discussing the formation of a new community with a group of ageing hippies.  I used the terms mechanistic and organic.  The men had decided on a structure, and simply announced where I was going to fit within their structure.  They had determined that I was their writer.  Now any self-respecting woman reading this will know how I reacted, so I devised this as a way of communicating my issue with them getting to determine my role - or anyone else's. I suggested that a violinist wants to form a quartet. However, it is after the cataclysm, and not many musicians or musical instruments have survived. She manages to find a trombonist with a trombone, a guitarist and someone with bagpipes. So she has her four people, but they certainly bear no resemblance to a classical quartet. So their challenge is to work out how to make music with what they have available to them. Living in a mechanistic world, she would demand that she must find the right musicians with the right instruments. Living in an organic world, those who present themselves work together to do something with what they have. Alex Collier's holographic thinking is some way beyond my organic thinking, but if we attempted to implement organic thinking we might be some way towards holographic thinking - as both require us to think WITHIN the situation rather than from OUTSIDE the situation.

What has this got to do with government? Everything, as our entire system of government is hierarchical, and what is worse, paternalistic. Our current system is supposed to be democracy, but we all know that the general population is not well enough educated to make the decisions that are made on our behalf, so inevitably our elected servants become the specialists who DO know - or at least think they know - more than we do. Thus they become our masters. Government is now too big and too specialised for "amateurs" to make many of the decisions.

The solution - to start again, from the bottom up. We need to start a ground swell movement of organic thinkers, who work out how it is done BY DOING IT, and model it for the world.  Once we start that groundswell, it will take itself where it will, motivated organically by the will of the people. No-one can pre-determine where it will go, because, as soon as we do that we are in hierarchical, mechanistic thinking, not organic. We can use, as a model, what happens in a crisis. In the Victorian bush fires over a year ago now, whole communities were isolated for over a week and had to fend for themselves, which they did very well. Then in marched the authorities and it all went bad - with issues of who gets to tell whom what to do and how to do it.

We cannot repair our current system because the foundation is rotten. We have to build a new foundation and start again.