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This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tell the truth, live the truth, be the truth

I see a lot of people calling for "them" to tell the truth. They want the truth about 9/11 and the truth about ET visitation, and that is commendable. It would be really nice if the politicians, the bankers, the drug companies, the governments, the controllers told us the truth.

But in mysticism there is law - this is a hidden law of nature that is studied by occultists, "As Above, So Below".  This law tells us that everything that exists on one level of our being exists on all levels of our being.  It is the true foundation of a lot of the new age mumbo jumbo currently being taught which waters it down to something ineffectual. Applied correctly it is the law behind phenomena like The Hundredth Monkey and it is truly the way we can change the world.

To learn about the "As Above, So Below" law read The Kybalion, by Three Initiates - not the modernised version which has been corrupted, but the original 1912 version.)

So let's say we embark on a campaign to get somebody out there to tell us the truth. We know we need to sound credible, so we embellish the truth about ourselves to make ourselves seem bigger or stronger or better educated or more successful. We know we need to recruit more helpers, so we build our image to entice in new helpers. We know we need to impress those helpers too, in order to keep them. They need us to be bigger, stronger, better than them, so that they can follow us. Ooops, follow us.  Is that what we want? Us as leaders lying to our followers? So who is not telling the truth now? Do we now have to become a smaller scale of "them", the people we are trying to get to tell us the truth. Well, no. We just change the group mind, that's all.

The "As Above, So Below" law tells us that we cannot possibly change the lying, the subterfuge, the manipulation that is happening on one level of our being without changing it on each and every level of our being.  We must embody "the truth" if we want to be told the truth.

Let's start a truth movement. I maintain that we will never "know the truth" about something outside of ourselves until we ourselves tell the truth, live the truth, be the truth. This will become contagious. Those who tell the truth are trusted. Others around them learn to tell the truth. Truth is contagious. The more people live truthfully and relate truthfully, the harder it becomes for those around them to sustain a lie. This is a true bottom up revolution and the yin side of the yang external political movements like 9/11 truth and OMNI. Change starts with the self and moves out from there.