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This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Truth consciousness - a short course

You think you are truthful? Try this little course in truthfulness. It gets tougher as the week goes on.

Monday: Find one white lie you have told in the past, and go tell the person you lied to. This is something that no longer matters. "Yes it was me who broke the handle off the teapot." Or find one situation where you should have told the truth and didn't. "Last time I was in here, you charged me the wrong price on those grapefruit. I owe you $2.00".

Tuesday: Identify one small secret fear you are living with now and share it. "You know, I get pretty scared about losing my job." Or find one "omission" you are living with - something you don't tell other people that is going on inside you, perhaps that you fear you might be ridiculed for. "I believe in ghosts." Make sure it is something that won't freak the other person out.

Wednesday: Find one small lie you are maintaining with someone close to you, and tell them. "You know that striped jumper I told you that you look fabulous in. Really, I don't like it." Make sure it is not too challenging, and if you need to, soften the blow with a truth. ..."but I really love that new red one".

Thursday: Find one big lie you are maintaining in order to earn money. Are you pretending to like the work, are you pretending to be better than you are, or worse than you are. Are you pretending to like a client or like a boss, or like a workmate, or like a product you really can't stand or don't trust. If you are like most of us, you could fill a page with these lies. Write down as many as you can think of, but don't share them with those affected unless you are ready to earn your income a different way. You may want to share them with a friend who is not associated with your workplace so that you can hear yourself say them out loud.

Friday: Find one thing that you feel guilty about and say it out loud; something that haunts you. If you have someone you really trust, share it. If you don't want to share it, ask yourself why. "You know, I was pretty insensitive towards my mother back then. I didn't realise she was sick and I would do it differently now if I could."

Saturday: Find one big lie you are maintaining with someone close to you. Don't share this one. Just start working out what the flow on is from it - is it leading you into a bigger and bigger web of lies? What would be the consequences if you told the truth? Is there anyway you can extract yourself without destroying your relationship? These can be hard to own up to, because once you do, you might find you have to fix things. This could be one to get professional help to sort out.

Sunday: Find one really big lie you have told yourself and never really admitted, even to yourself. Say it out loud. No-one else need ever hear this one. "I was in love with someone else when I married." But you might find that once you have said it out loud to yourself, it loses it's sting.

Monday: Start all over again. By now the floodgates should be open, and your big question will be, "How do I stop telling any more new lies?" It's not as easy as it all looks at first glance.