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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

When I am talking about telling truth, and I am not talking about factual truth that exists out there somewhere, but internal truth, the truth about what we think, what we feel, and who we are.

Is it possible to tell too much of your own personal truth?

We can divide the population into two groups, the people living within the box - those who believe in the "system" even if they are critical of it, and the people thinking outside the box - those who know that there is something fundamentally amiss with the system and have identified some things that truly don't add up.

Back to the question, is it possible to tell too much of your own personal truth? Of course we know that in the current culture, almost any personal truth is too much truth. The original me still has to earn a living as a writer, and I know full well that revealing my personal truth will mean I never earn another dollar - how many sane customers will use the services of some psycho who talks about reptilians? Not many I fear. To get around this I have created an alter ego, with a new name and an internet network based around that name. It is through that person - the one you know as Margaret St Alban, that I reveal my personal truth. So Margaret, the alter ego of the person preaching the necessity of telling the truth, is also faced the with necessity of living a lie.

I am not the only person facing this. I hear people who live somewhere outside the box bemoaning the fact that they cannot discuss their particular morsel of the truth with their family or friends who think they are losing it. They cannot talk about the evils of vaccinations or 9/11 without those around them rolling their eyes and saying; "There s/he goes again!".  So to my second question...

How much of your personal truth can you withhold before that withholding becomes a "living a lie"?

I am networking with a group of people on facebook who are all "oustide the box" to a greater or lesser degree.  But there are degrees of being outside the box and an awful lot of different destinations outside the box. The only thing the "outside the box" people have in common is that we are not inside the box.  One thing we normally do is accept that others are inhabitinig different territories outside the box, and pretty much leave one another alone.  We resist ridiculing those we do not agree with because we know how it feels.  But there is one territory "outside the box" where there is no such etiqette.  If you undersand that reptilians walk amongst us, you are fair game for any level of ridicule, intimidation or abuse from others who consider themselves to be "outside the box". I have recently had just such an exchange with someone who considers himself to be "outside the box". For those who are interested in the exchange, I have added it at the end. Most of you I know won't be interested in the detail.

I raise the issue because I created Margaret so that I could express the fullness of who I am, without fear or favour, and now I find I still have to fight for my right to call it the way I see it.  Is there a point at which I should shut up? Is there a point at which what I am doing is evangelising? We all detest evangelising, and most of us know just what to do with those nice clean cut young men in black suits when they come a'knocking.  But if the only honest response I can give in a particular situation relates to reptilians, do I shut up or do I express my truth in the hope that there are some out there who need to hear it and will appreciate it? Is that evangelising, or is everything fair game once we are "outside the box"? Facebook is a curious medium because it is viral rather than linear and we have no idea where our words are ending up.

For now, I will keep calling it the way I see it. If I annoy you, please feel free to "hide" me, or if you think I am evil, please feel free to "block" me. You do have that choice.

The exchange I talked about, for the psychologists out there.

...I am not sure we can ever really know what is the truth. All we can do is express what we believe to be true at any point in time. I think, for example, that the Project Camelot people do their due diligence, but they can never really know if a whistle-blower is telling the truth or is a very clever liar. With my site on reptilians, I am writing what I believe to be true, and eventually I may have egg on my face, if I am found to have misinterpreted the evidence, but I think the issue is important enough to take that risk. Others have to do their due diligence on what I say - and they do - I am forever being asked for proof, and there is none.

"Margaret, don't even get me started on the disinformation that is the reptilian theory, lol. That theory has created a cult of people every bit as brainwashed as Christianity or any other cult. I understand looking into theories that are not backed by evidence, I have an open mind as well, however, you shouldn't spend much time on those or ESPECIALLY subscribe and share information on trash like that as it will only discredit you in the eyes of those who truly seek truth and attract negative people to you. That's just my advice to you, take it as you will..."

Well, I said I couldn't prove it to anyone else, but I have certainly proven it to myself. In normal life, we dismiss experiences that are so outrageous they defy our concept of reality.

But then an experience comes along that makes its way through the cracks in our manufactured concept of reality; an experience that has to be acknowledged even though it cannot possibly be true. Once that process starts, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Suddenly you are seeing all the "hidden in plain sight" symbolism and its meaning becomes abundantly clear. Suddenly you are seeing all the totally unveiled references in the bible and in the writings of respectable Christian mystics to reptilians; suddenly you are seeing all the representations in primitive and recent art works across the globe and throughout all time; suddenly you realise what you were really doing as a member of the Rosicrucians all those years ago; suddenly you are able to detect them walking down the street (as symbiotes in a human).

Once the journey has started there is no going back. But I would expect any intelligent person for whom that journey has not started to consider the notion ridiculous. I am prepared to accept that ridicule, because if I am right, and I am about 90% certain I am, then I would not forgive myself for not being part of alerting as many others as I can to their existence and how the operate.

"Margaret, my journey started years ago. I am just capable of seeing through obvious lies that make use of the truth. disinformation wouldn't work on anyone if the developers of disinformation weren't able to connect very REAL truths to their lies. Ancient man used the symbolism of reptiles, especially snakes to represent enemies. It is a very old symbolism which if you study ancient symbolism apart from that ridiculous theory (that most likely originated with the TV series "V" in the 80's) then you'll see that all of their symbolism was not literal but was instead anthropomorphic in origin. Take the symbolism of the phoenix for example. This is another very old symbol which Christianity made use of (in their story of Jesus rising from the dead) in the same way the rep theory makes use of the reptile symbolism. I highly suggest that you read "The Wallum Olam" which is the history of the native Americans who traveled across the world until they found their happy hunting grounds in north America. In their travels they passed through the lands of many people in Asia and unfortunately found themselves in many battles with what they symbolized as snakes. That symbol (like all of ancient man's symbols) does not literally mean snakes, but was simply a symbol they used to mark enemies. "

Let's agree, that I will not ridicule you for your classic intellectual response if you do not ridicule me for my gnostic experiences.

"Actually, Margaret, I think I' rather block you. No offense intended but I do not mix with rep theory cultists. We do not exist in the same world and I find you rep theory people to be troublesome to say the least and detrimental to the truth at the worst. Those who are destroying our world must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. It is much better for both of us if I simply choose not to communicate with you."