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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How to beat the NWO, getting active

There are three stages to a revolution, first get educated, second get your own house in order, and third, get active.

First, get educated. Cruise around YouTube and look for information on corrupt medicine, vaccinations, 9/11, oil spills, HAARP - there is so much out there that once you start, it is endless, but this phase must end when you are educated enough to know we have a serious problem, and that a group of people under the title New World Order are behind it.

Second, get your own house in order. In my last article, How to beat the NWO step by step, I detailed a few things we could all do as individuals to get our own house in order. This involves a lot more than stashing baked beans. It is about re-discovering our integrity and learning to live an authentic life again. It is about daring to dream again, and daring to desire the peace and beauty we all crave from the core of our being.

When we do this, get educated to understand the extent of our alienation, and get our own house in order so that we become the people we are supposed to be, we are actually bringing about the bottom up revolution we need. Many people are already on this path, and the changes are already happening.

But there are repercussions. We are already experiencing a NWO backlash as they fear they are losing control, and the impacts of that backlash are potentially disastrous if we do not take some steps to mitigate them. So, the third stage is getting back out there and helping with the mopping up operations so that they cannot do any more harm than they already are. Here are some guidelines.

1 Pick a cause and stick to it. If 9/11 or chemtrails, or alternative energy, or prayer circles, or cleaning up oil spills or saving whales or community gardens appeals to you, identify it and forget the rest - you probably already know enough about them anyway. You can't do everything - so pick one and stick to it. Get active and start doing something in your selected field of operations.

2 Find two leaders in that area - the two individuals or organisations who already have the biggest publicity campaigns running, or the biggest impact in some way, and support them. There is no more time for ego trips - we have to put personal aggrandisement aside and go with the power. This does not mean we hand away our power, just that we use our energy to support someone who is already doing what we would do if we had the resources, or the time or the skills. Keep in mind that the new form of organisation is cellular - each cell has its own integrity and its own purpose, but it cannot function unless it is part of a larger body. Keep your own integrity, but get into that larger body.

3 Bring groups together. Once you have identified the two organisations you are going to back, work to bring at least one other splinter group covering the same territory under the umbrella of each of the groups you are supporting. This does not mean that anyone gives away their own identity or power, just that there is a chance of pooling resources to create a better skills and data base.

4 Keep monitoring each organisation you are supporting. Ditch either or both at the first whiff of corruption, and move onto the next most powerful. Giving our support does not mean handing over our power. We must stay absolutely vigilant. When we join an organisation it is because we like their ideas. If their ideas corrupt, we must move on. There is never an excuse for handing our power to another, and particularly now.

1 Get educated
2 Get your own house in order
3 Get active