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Monday, January 17, 2011

Commentary on the Bill Ryan interview with Charles, and Kerry Cassidy's response

It is my position that Charles has made a total ass of Bill, and that Kerry's commentary on her blog is good, but has logical holes in it. (Don't know what I am talking about? Then scroll through to the links at the end.)

Kerry and Bill, and most other commentators have missed an essential point. I maintain that there are no significant numbers of physical plane hybrids, if any. One of the nuggets of information Charles offered was that we get the facts right but in the wrong context, and as long as we get the context wrong, they are happy. Here is a shot at the facts in a different context to the current "mainstream alternative" context as expressed by both Kerry and Bill. Here is my science fiction story.

We have 33 human lineages that have been selectively bred and trained over time to be better hosts for a "symbiote", to take a term from science fiction. The 33 bloodlines are very good "hosts' for a class of symbiote we call "reptilians", and they get their ability to build financial and political power enhanced in return for doing other things they are asked (not told) to do. In effect, they have "sold their soul to the devil" with their own free will. Equally, individuals from those blood lines can refuse to take on a symbiote. We all still have free will, and there are potentially a few big names who are exercising that free will.

They have devised mystery schools such as the Masons and Rosicrucians to train those who are not currently hosting symbiotes. Anyone can join those schools, but not everyone moves up through the ranks. The ritual is designed to give the "reptilians" access to the "neophyte" and find and train new talent. Where they find talent, that person's "occult skills" increase and their affairs take a turn for the better as they get guidance from the "reptilian" group mind or egregore. It takes time to retrain the body to accept the symbiote and not all physiologies are suitable, so each person can only progress as far as their physiology allows. It also seems to take ongoing ritual to maintain the connection between the host and the mind of the symbiote, which is why the ritual of the Bohemian Grove and the 33rd degree masons (and maybe some lower degrees like the Scottish Rite).

The mystery schools threaten us with dire consequences if we leave them after gaining knowledge or power as a result of occult connections set up through the ritual. This is not because they are going to do anything nasty to us, but because they withdraw their support. They DO seem to have some kind of constraint not to directly interfere in the affairs of man, and can only operate by working through us, using our free will. If they threaten us, and we do something out of fear, that is still our free will. If they bribe us, and we do something out of greed, that is still our free will.

I conjecture that "Charles" tried to take on a symbiote without the years of training and habituation that it takes, and damaged his physiology in the process. Channels and full trance mediums similarly stress their bodies when taking on another being - of what persuasion I will not speculate - and have to take enormous care not to be damaged physically by the experience. His peculiar wording makes perfect sense using this model.

"Charles" contradicts himself in one main way that I can detect. He claims that he wants to balance the scales a bit in the seemingly unlimited control the 33 bloodlines have over the human race, and on the other hand he says very openly that we don't stand a chance.

What is coming to me (I could say "what my guides are telling me", but my link is not that clear and I won't use authority to gain credibility), is that we do have free will to tell them to go away, and we can very simply monitor ourselves in doing this by never telling another lie. Technically it is quite possible for human beings to simply dismiss the "reptilians" - poof, they are gone, because they are constrained to work through our "free will". But realistically the greed and megalomaniacal tendencies of the human race pretty much guarantee that too many of our number will continue to "sell their souls to the devil".

Here, an unpredictable element we call "the human spirit" comes in. We have the capacity to endure under incredible adversity and "rise above" it, and we have an unpredictable "enough is enough" point where even those who have sold their souls to a greater or less degree suddenly rear up, reconnect with "the human spirit", and shake off their oppressors. The 33 bloodline host families seem to be able to see the points at which this is happening and they back off a step or two, but one day they may not back off soon enough or far enough. That will be our opportunity to harness "the human spirit" and simply tell them to go away. But we first have to wait for them to make a mistake...and then we have to harness enough of "the human spirit" to dismiss them. Therein lies the rub.

But then, my "context" may be equally laughable.

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