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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Disconnecting negative people

Sometimes people attach to us and drain us of our energy, or worse, infect us with their bad energy.  Carlos Castaneda had a simple trick for disconnecting them.

The theory is that there is literally a filament - anything from a few millimeters to a vacuum cleaner hose in size, between you and that person at an energetic level.   In fact there is one between you and everyone you are emotionally connected to, but not all are toxic.

Imagine the person you think is attached and you would rather detach.  Hold their image in your mind while you turn your head to the right.  Breathe in as you turn your head all the way from the right to the left, then breathe out as you turn towards the centre. If you feel any resistance - its amazing how strong the resistance can be if you are sensitive to these things, then do it until there is no resistance.  Scan a few people you don't like this way and see what happens.  You might get a shock when you get a suddenly phone call from them, as they will realise that you are no longer there for them and will want you back.

You will probably need to disconnect a toxic person a few times before they get the message.  If you still find yourself thinking about them, then either they have reconnected to you or you have reconnected to them.  You might find that you are the offender.

(Some will advise that you send their bad energy back - never do that - there will be a price to pay.)