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This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How the reptilians take over human hosts

To understand this you have to understand energy bodies. These races are 4th dimensional beings - clustered mostly under the heading "reptilians" but I suspect they are in league with some other 4th dimensional beings that are not reptilian. They are invisible to us, and cannot function in 3D (on earth) without us.

They take control of us through our mental bodies and use us to play out their game on this earth.  They are the controllers behind all the power structures on earth, and do this through the bodies of host families whose lives have been given over to the "reptilians" for generations.

They can also gain a foothold in you or I each and every time we lie or compromise our principles for the sake of material or occult reward.  This becomes a kind of mind control - each time we justify doing something that we do not believe is "right" we choose believe their lies and justify our action in their terms- another nail in our collective human coffin.

Why are they doing it?  That is another story.

How do we stop them?  All we have to do is wake up to them and say "no more".  No more compromise, no more lies, only total truth to our human consciences.