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Thursday, November 3, 2011

On being authentic and the human nonsense detector

Today someone sent me a link to a Project Camelot interview with a man who has come from pretty much the same background as mine and who is saying pretty much the same things as me - except that he is saying them with authority.

Check out http://www.projectavalon.net/marcel_messing.html.  I'm sure he is a very nice man - almost, but he is not authentic.  He spends the first half the the interview telling us about himself - not his opinions or conclusions, but about his life.  He is doing this to establish his authority.  If we respect the experiences the man has had, we will respect the man.  Or will we?  When I watch these - mostly men - now, I see ego, and find it very difficult to look past the ego to what they are saying.

But I know that most of you love their soft and slow voices and their angelic expressions - there is a "spiritual look", and they have mastered it.  But I perceive a resounding "fake".  I am not calling Marcel Messing a fake - what he is saying is true, and he is coming from a pure space as far as he knows, but his hidden message - that he has somehow more authority that anyone else for telling the truth,  is part of reinforcing the reptilian dominance that is based on hierarchy and mind control.

Let's face it, all new age teachers are saying "we are one". We get it. So why do they then have to point out just how vastly different they are from the common man.  We may be all one, but they are at some pains to point out that they are a more special part of "the one" - a first amongst equals, which is why we should be listening to them and believing them over and above tuning into ourselves and listening to our own instincts, insights, intuitions and inspirations.

But if we do not establish authority for what we are saying, then how do we establish our credibility?  Do we need to establish our credibility?

I say we should not and must not use ruses and subterfuge to establish our authority.  The human being has an inherent "bullshit detector", but we have been educated out of using it.  When people meet me in the flesh, they trust me. Why?  Because I am authentic to a fault. One psychiatrist friend once told me that I was too "raw". Apparently I was supposed to "cook" the life out of myself to make myself palatable to others.  It's as if I don't know how to lie.  In fact, I have learned how to lie over the years, but it takes deliberate effort and thought on my part.  So on the whole, the inherent human bullshit detector in others sees straight through me, because I am not playing any game of subterfuge. I am not presenting a false or manufactured image. What you see is what you get.

More than that, I have the capacity to see straight through the subterfuge and lies of those around me.  It shouts at me, through their eyes, through their body language and most importantly through their energy.

There is a current new age guru.  Oprah Winfrey loves him, the new age movement loves him, and a friend of mine on Facebook was talking about loving him.  I saw an interview with him, and my flesh crept; my body cringed.  He is, without a doubt, a "cabbage patch doll" style "reptilian".  I won't name him because I'm not sure if I can be sued from this distance, so I will leave it to you to guess his identity.  Has your flesh crawled over someone others love? What did you detect that they did not?  I finally broached the subject of him with my friend at which she quickly told me that she  had initially liked what she was reading, but as soon as she saw him she cringed. That's two women who have independently cringed. Should we trust that cringe?

I say we not only should but must. The world is abounding now with false prophets, agents of our reptilian overlords who are, by their actions, teaching separation and passivity, even if by their words they are teaching "oneness". We must observe much more than their words. We must observe their impact on others. If they expect and get obeisance,  if they are in any way disempowering, if they want you to deny your own "knowing" in favour of theirs, they are false prophets.  If they are empowering and teach others to connect with and trust their own knowing, to educate themselves, to cure themselves, to care for themselves and others - well trust them till the first time they take power over you - then run for the hills.

We can overthrow reptilian control by telling the truth, being the truth and living the truth.  We cannot be manipulated by them if we do not fear the truth.