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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reptilians and Christian demonology

As chance would have it, an old friend recently walked back into my life. We were members of the Theosophical Society together, left at about the same time and had not met for about 10 years. In that time, she had become a fundamentalist Christian - not ideal by my reckoning - and was going very deeply into Christian demonology.

As we talked through our different directions, I was surprised to see that there were significant parallels between my studies of reptiles and my friend's Christian demonology.

Another friend whom I also met at the Theosophical Society also went into fundamentalist Christianity in the intervening years, and with more research (I had avoided talking to her about it) I discovered that she also was into the demonology aspect. It seems that ONLY Christianity offers a functional "demonology" for anyone who recognises the need - up until now.

My translation, not theirs, is as follows.

The Christian Devil is the reptilian group mind. The parable of Adam and Eve in the garden is when we first traded our freedom for "knowledge" of the hidden or occult worlds and sold ourselves out to the reptilians who now control our minds.  For more information on how the reptilian hive works see:
Demons are emotional parasites, a much lower grade of creature than reptilians. These guys do not control on a mind level, but feed on negative emotions. They identify our negativity and feed on it. The more negative we get, the more they like it. When you see someone spiralling down into negativity and despair, these little guys are at work. Remember the phrase "the demon drink"? It may be more accurate than we think.

Removing the parasites
The Christian churches had exorcists to remove demons. They are actually relatively easy to dislodge and we can do it for ourselves, but it can take some concentration to prevent them from returning. By contrast, reptilian mind control beings are very difficult to dislodge if we are still useful to them. They will simply come back, not matter what technique we use to remove them, until we render ourselves unsuitable for their purposes. Read more on this here. How to remove 4D parasites