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This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We do not do these things

It's only negative to study the evils of the world if we assume we are doomed before we start, and certainly many of the commentators around us are predicting doom and gloom.

But curiously, once we understand that human beings do not do bad things, bad things are done through them by the "the controllers", solutions become visible.

So first things first.  We must realise that human beings do not do bad things - that is the first point to be very clear on. Bad things are done through human beings by reptilians.

Their movies are designed to make us believe that we can do nothing to stop them. They are also designed to make us believe that it is we human beings with bad thoughts that do all these awful things. It is not us or our thoughts. WE DO NOT DO THESE THINGS. They do these things and THEY ARE NOT US.

Once we realise this, we realise that we can trust the conscience of the human race once we are released from their control.

We need a two step process. Step 1, to repel our controllers from our selves - they are 4th dimensional beings so they cannot operate on earth if they do not operate through us. Following this, we can repel them altogether from earth without harming them or anyone else. But we must repel them from ourselves first, so that the tools we use to repel them from earth are not turned against us. It is our responsibility to do this. Our 5th dimensional helpers cannot do it for us. Only we can do it, and we can only do it if we are informed and fearless at the same time. Ignorance breeds fear. Knowledge brings about courage. WE HAVE TO GET CLEVER.

I spent a few days watching videos of whistleblowers who died for their efforts. It's not a recommended activity unless you are very conscious of where it will take you and unless you have powerful techniques to bring yourself back from that black space. I did this to work out what they said or threatened to say that warranted their deaths while others are allowed to live. I realised these people had to key to the solution, not just insight into the problem. There was one common denominator between those I watched. Clunk, the penny dropped.

It took me a few days to lift myself back out of the horrible place watching those videos took me - yes we become more vulnerable to reptilians when we study them - but once out, I had a renewed determination to do what I know has to be done, and a renewed confidence that the human race can prevail - with a little help from our 5th dimensional friends of course.