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Are you concerned about reptilians?

If you already know a lot about them, read my posts and join me in a dialogue of discovery about them.

If you know very little about them, start by watching the video Reptilian & Annunaki History, then listen to the Richard Vizzutti audio files, then the David Icke interview on Red Ice Radio. After that you should be well enough informed to watch any videos and know if they are truth or lie. There are more videos on my YouTube channel.

This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Turning it around

Whether or not we grasp or understand the role of reptilians, the solution to our problems is the same. My attention has been distracted from the reptilian question for most of 2011 as I am putting together solutions.

This one is free, but really challenging. Start telling the truth. The mystical law, as above to below, guarantees that we we tell the truth, all other levels of existence must be truthful. What could be easier. Take a short course in truth consciousness. You might be surprised at how untruthful you are, and the implications of your untruthfulness on your ability to act with integrity in the moment.

Get your health back under your own control. To do this you must eat right. You must understand what foods have the power to give us control back over our health, and then you must eat them - which fortunately is easy because they are not the bland tasteless foods of the fundamentalist vegans, or the fatty toxic faux foods of the fast food industry. They are colourful, flavourful foods with a punch that everyone can enjoy.

Superfood Snacks, is a general book on understanding and eating the right foods. This book is available in hardcopy or PDF, 65 different superfoods and over 200 recipes, almost all gluten free and almost all easy to prepare.