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Friday, April 20, 2012

Are they gone yet?

There has been lots of talk about the powers behind the powers being defeated, and mass arrests of the worst of the global criminals, and even more debate about who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Who and what are the reptilians?
For those who don't understand what this is about, you need to understand that there are life forms outside our field of vision, normally referred to a 4th dimensional or astral plane beings, and 5th dimensional or mental plane beings.  There are some groups on 4D that have been actively controlling human life and evolution for thousands of years, and leading us into a very dark place indeed.  However, rumour has it that a combination of physical events relating to the earth's movement through space, and sun and earth activity have driven them away from here.  This is one rumour I hope is true.

What are the arrests about?
If you have not yet tuned into this whole issue, this is one interesting interview on the subject of the mass arrests that are rumoured to be part of the mopping up operation to clean the slate after their departure.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjZgsRt8PBc

Are the rumours true?
But how do we know who is or isn't telling the truth and does it matter?

Well, we can never know if what someone else is telling us is true. They can be anything from mildly misinformed to seriously diabolical. The only way we can find out is to test what we are told.

Are the reptilians gone?
I have been recently told by a contactee that the reps from 4D are gone, leaving only their human servants. These people - the human servants - will, of course, keep fighting to maintain their power and status but without direction and control from above, they will implode eventually, and fall into a feeding frenzy on one another.

Testing the rumours
So how do we test this? 
  • We can ask our higher self and above, if we can trust ourselves not to interfere with the answer.
  • We can watch what is happening around us and see if we can detect a lack of direction that indicates the controllers might be gone. 
  • We can start living as if they are gone if we can work out what that means for ourselves personally, and see if our plans are now supported rather than thwarted.

What is all this stuff about ascendance and more light coming to earth?
I am also told by the same person that physically the earth has been surviving in 80% darkness to 20% light and that ratio is now changed to 80% light to 20% darkness. This has occurred for purely physical reasons related to our trajectory through space, earth activity and sun activity. That gives us a whole lot more light energy to work with.

Testing the rumours
So again, how do we test this? Well, pretty much in the same way. 
  • We can ask our higher self and above, if we can trust ourselves not to interfere with the answer. 
  • We can watch our own energy levels, health and moods and the same with those around us. 
  • We can continue to function as a light worker and see if our plans are now energized rather than falling flat. 
Those around us who have been directed by the controlling group mind will probably degenerate for a while, as direction is removed and they have to mop up the mess they have caused and structure their way out of whatever dark game they are playing, but light workers will turn around very fast and start succeeding.

Where to from here?
So this is what I am dong. Rather than endlessly debating who is lying, who is stupid, who on the payroll, I am testing the implications of these things potentially being true and living as if they are true until evidence starts to come in, one way or another. So I'm going to get on with doing good things, growing good food, supporting good initiatives, telling the truth - and who knows - maybe the clapped out old motor will roar away under full power and the human culture will repair itself as we watch.  If we all do this imagine just what might happen!