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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not in my name

Years ago in Ireland the women of Ireland united, Protestants and Catholics alike and demanded that the killing stop. Their catch cry was "not in my name".

Not in my name
Now I say also, "not in my name".  I do not authorise any person, organisation, legal system or government to kill in my name. They may not kill murderers, they may not be murderers of innocent people in other nations like Iraq and Libya. No person or entity is authorised to kill in my name. Am I clear?

Why do I bring this up now? Well, there is a lot of talk on the internet about the conspirators being a spent force and about "us" going out there and killing them when the system collapses. But two wrongs never ever make a right, and no matter what crime we imagine they might have committed against us - and I personally do believe they have committed unimaginable crimes against the human race - killing them will solve nothing. It is the last resort of an unsophisticated mind.

If there is some kind of systemic break down, we risk far more than civil unrest. We risk a return of perhaps one of the most disgraceful cultures ever seen on this planet, the wild west where lynch mob mentality ruled. Lynch mob mentality can never be allowed to return to this planet.

On revolutions
We have seen what happens when we have revolutions.  Look at the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution - any revolution you care to think of, and all we did was swap one oppressor for another.  The killing rampages achieve nothing - not then and not now. None of us knows what the upshot of the current global crises that are occurring on so many fronts simultaneously, will be, but of one thing I am absolutely certain.  No-one is authorised to kill, torture, brutalise or maim any other living being, including living human being, in my name.  No-one is authorised to be judge, jury or executioner, to wreak so-called justice or vengeance, in my name.

The current debate
There is a debate raging currently about whether people with names like Dave Corso, Bill Brockbrader, Drake, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and others are good guys or bad guys, liars and cheats or saviours. Frankly I don't care. I listen to what they have to say and I work out for myself how I feel about what they are saying. Whatever truth, self-delusion, deliberate misrepesentation or downright lie they are telling, I integrate their words using my own inner knowing and higher guidance. I can never know with 100% certainty who and what they are and what they are doing, and so I have no right to presume I can.

However, when a man called "Drake" talks openly about military renegades killing people with dead eyes, in our name, I know this man is simply no good. When hundreds of voices support him in calling for mass killings, my blood runs cold.

The journalists
Web radio hosts, journalists, interviewers - whatever you want to call them - with names like Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and Randy Maughans of Off Planet Radio  are wading into the debate, each claiming to have inside knowledge that they cannot reveal that proves their point - whatever that point may be.

They would be advised to keep a clearer journalistic head about them and stay out of the debate. Their role is to provide us with the research and the interviews, but it is up to us to formulate our own conclusions based on our own inner knowing. Once they have a position to defend, they lose impartiality. Once they do this we can no longer trust them to report any evidence that contradicts their stated position. Don't get me wrong; I admire both of these people for the work they have done, and am very thankful for the fantastic libraries of interviews they have created. However, they both lost credibility with me once they "took sides".

Kerry Cassidy seems to be changing her position daily and is offending at least all the men on the planet, although I just don't get why they hate her so much.  Randy Maughans is implicitly and most recently explicitly supporting those who promote violence as a means to an end.  Both in my view are simplistic and naive positions that can achieve little.

One journalist who used to stay out of judgement most of the time is Henrik Palmgren of  Red Ice Creations. His material mostly high level and sophisticated, but even he cannot resist the urge to express his own opinions from time to time and recently he has adopted the language of Tea Party Americans, which is a disturbing trend. I suppose I like his work better than the others for the simple reason that I agree with his prejudice more than I agree with the others.

My current position
I am not purporting to bring unbiased news to others and so am entitled to my own opinion. One of the most recent interviews on Red Ice best sums up my position on revolutions, good guys and bad guys, and who gets to do what in my name.  It is an interview with the inventor of the Web Bot, Clif High. You will find the interview here.  This man talks extremely fast and covers a huge amount of ground very rapidly.  If you do not already understand what the Web Bot is and how it works it would be a good idea to find out before you listen to this interview, or you will have no chance of understanding him. You will find more on the Web Bot here.

In summary, my own position is to move to solutions mode. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals across the planet giving birth to or developing ideas, organisations, processes that, once adopted by the whole of humanity, will grant us complete independence from those who are doing terrible things to us. All these movements are based on compassion, compassion for the planet, compassion for plants and animals, compassion for humanity at large and compassion for each and every one of us.

 The power is in our hands to...