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Monday, September 23, 2013

An alternative history of the human race

Once you are aware of the existence of an inter-dimensional race of beings running things here on earth, using humans to implement their plan, you start to spot and follow hundreds or thousands of implications. I am, by nature, an historian, and so one critical learning for me has been in relation to history. 

In the west we have been brainwashed into believing that our civilised history started with the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and then everything that followed the Roman take-over of Europe, and then the rest of the world. This is not so. The history we learn in school is the history of the reptilian (shorthand for perhaps a number of groups of 4th dimensional or extra terrestrial beings) takeover of the human race. They have led us to believe that they brought civilisation, but more and more it is emerging that pre-Roman populations were far from barbaric and had significant cultures of their own.

The huge difference was that these pre-Roman populations were role based rather than hierarchically based. However, over the last two thousand years we have been so overwhelmed by supposed "civilisation" that we can no longer perceive a non-hierarchical arrangement of human beings and we seem to honestly believe that we were barbaric before we were civilised by the Roman invaders. The archaeologist Francis Pryor has attempted to alert us to a British civilisation that significantly pre-dated the Roman invaders.

If you look at the statues and art works of the invaders, you will see that they do not actually look like us. They all have very large noses with no bridge - the nose goes straight into the forehead without a dip. These people who invaded us were not the same as us. We can speculate who these invaders really are, and many have supposed that they are alien hybrids, bred to subjugate the rest of us. We may all be alien hybrids of one kind or another, but this type have clearly been bred as the master race. They, not we, were the barbaric ones.

Vlad the Impaler
But it really doesn't matter very much who they are and where they came from. We have been taken over by a malevolent group and we have to get control back from that group. So how?

We can have all the revolutions we like and our rulers will simply lap up the bloodshed and suffering that revolutions create and then put their own servants back in power.  Look at every revolution ever conducted by humans who have had enough of the oppression and you will see that they are hijacked by an even more malevolent group of people than those deposed.

So how do we do it without simply handing power to another group?  Well, we don't hand power to anyone. that's how!  We take our own power back, we withdraw from their games, we refuse to play and we re-learn how to live non-hierarchically.

That is not as easy as it sounds. All the games we currently play are hierarchical. All our personal, professional and spiritual relationships are hierarchical. They are all about one person thinking they are better than another and so taking power over the apparently lesser human being. As soon as we do that we enable the current power elite. As soon as we take power over someone else, then someone else can take power over us. Power over other humans beings, nature, the earth, must stop altogether.

Once we step out of the hierarchical paradigm, the whole infrastructure comes crumbling down. The crumbling may be very uncomfortable, but it is absolutely necessary.

And most importantly we must be ever vigilant not to allow another hierarchy to replace the one that is crumbling.

How? We, each and every one of us takes personal responsibility for our:
  • health - we self medicate
  • education - we self teach and we teach children to self teach
  • spirituality - we establish our own relationship with our own sense of the divine and allow everyone else to do the same. No more priests, ministers or those who would arbiter on our behalf. No more "my god's better than your god".
  • law - we establish our own means of relating fairly with one another. We banish those from our company who will not deal fairly.
  • food and water supply
There are more I could add to that list, but let's face it, how many of us can even do those first five?

Baby steps. It could take a long time to learn to take responsibility back for our own lives, but we have to start somewhere. If you want to start with food, this information will help. http://www.christine-margaret.com/