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This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The next phase of learning

Looking back on life one can see that it is punctuated with phases. The whole of a culture goes through a phase that carries us all along with it, irrespective of age. There was the beatnik phase, the hippy phase, the survivalist phase, the new age phase, the truther phase.

Each of these involved great learning, but none lasted as none had the complete story. Each phase bursts forth with a massive and unstoppable energy at which time human consciousness is transformed. Then it gets drafted by the malign forces on this planet and used to further disempower the human race. At this point those riding the wave jump off onto a new wave. The old wave limps along, well beyond it's use by date. The new age phase is just refusing to die despite the fact that it has long been reduced to mindless platitudes with no true occult wisdom.

The subsequent truther phase is also grinding to a halt. Each phase loses energy when enough of the population have heard it all before. Sure, there are always some neophytes who missed the phase when it was energised and need to play catchup after the event, but the energy is gone.

We are now sitting on the threshold of a new phase. The energy has gone out of the truther phase. We have heard enough whistle-blowers to pretty much know what is going on out there in the political, financial and military arenas. We don't need another whistle-blower to tell us the same story. Those who have based their income or expertise around supporting whistleblowers and helping them expose their stories are now finding themselves surplus to requirements. They did a fantastic job but that phase is now over. Move on or perish.

So what is next? I have been hoping for a while that we will move into solutions mode. I thought that humanity might now know enough about what is going on to set about fixing it. However, I was wrong. Individuals are fixing things in their own local way and have been since at least the 70s. They have been creating the foundations of a new reality that will sweep the planet when the time is right, but the time is not yet right. There is one last learning we absolutely must address before we can be truly committed to putting things right.

We must understand that there are forces that are actively and wantonly destroying our planet. We cannot save ourselves and the entire planet without becoming aware of what these forces are how we can take active and concerted measures to render them powerless.

The new age mentality denies the existence of these malevolent forces, the truther movement acknowledges these forces but has simplified them down to a few notorious families that they want to scapegoat. But neither the unabated and selfishly focussed positive thinking of the new agers nor the random and ill-informed violence of the truthers will work. Neither is acknowledging the true problem.

The true problem is malevolent inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial life forms working through human beings to do things that are destroying this planet. There are both inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial life forms on this planet, and among their number are both good and bad species. The one thing they all have in common is that they are vastly superior to us, with abilities to operate invisibly in our world. If they want us dead, we are dead. We cannot deny the bad and just embrace the good. We are not the top predator species. There are other species for whom we are prey, and we absolutely must realise this. We cannot avoid a predator if we do not know they are there.

If you want to know more about these predators you can read more about them on this blog or listen to everything said by David Icke, James Bartley and Alex Collier - those three between them have recorded enough to keep you going for a long while. They each have significant parts of the overall story.

However, we take this journey into the darkness at our own peril. I believe that it is absolutely imperative that we do study these very negative beings, but that very process could take us somewhere very dark indeed. In the process we will be contaminated with their negativity, we will go through personal and major crises, we will be confronted with our own demons, but if we are truly the light beings that many new-agers and truthers like to think we are, we WILL come out the other side stronger than ever. Then, and only then will we know how to take them on, as we will each have taken them on personally and won.  Only when enough human beings have gone down the rabbit hole, confronted the darkness, and returned to the light, will we have the collective intelligence to simply render these malign beings irrelevant.

We don't need to fight them. We don't need to kill the humans who do their bidding. All we need to do is render them irrelevant. As each one of us takes the journey and comes back stronger, humanity as a whole will reach the 100th monkey point where we can transition to a new awareness. Our sticking point at the moment is too few people with the courage to learn who and what these beings are.

I could list techniques here to help people on that journey, and there are a few documented on this site, but essentially we each have to individually face our own demons and find the strength within to send the whole pantheon packing.

Once we, as humanity, send them away, those who have been building the infrastructure for a truly humane world will suddenly come into their own. While most were not looking they have been building new forms of agriculture, education, health care, systems of exchange, energy, and so much more, that is just waiting to be scaled up, integrated and made available to all.

There is a possible happy outcome, but only if we are prepared to confront the darkness and live to tell the tale.