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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why the boomer generation failed to change the world

We failed. The Bob Marley, Bob Dillan, John Lennon generation tried and failed. We were idealists who believed in humanity and believed in a better future for all. All people had to do was get educated and all governments had to do was become accountable to the educated people, and everyone on earth could have a good life.

I still believe that everyone on earth can have a good life, but I am now critically aware of two factors that, in our idealism, we got very seriously wrong.

First, we thought that all human beings could be educated. They patently cannot. See my post "I" levels to understand why the mass of the population can NEVER learn to think for themselves.


Second, we thought that our governments, when they did something bad or stupid we just that, stupid. We simply did not grasp that we were under the spell of a massive and all-pervading conspiracy to keep us slaves to the powers on this planet. Read the rest of this website to see how all-pervading this conspiracy is.

Without taking these two factors into account, we could never have achieved what we set out to achieve. However, our failure does not reflect on us alone. All successive movements and generations have also failed to grasp these two critical factors, and so no movement since the hippy movement of the 70s has had any chance of creating a kind and equitable world.

Still successive generations are not able to grasp the nettle, acknowledge those to two highly unpalatable facts and find the solution to humanity's enslavement.

Once we reach this point of awareness, and still have the energy and drive left to want to rectify the cruelty of life on earth, we are left with one utterly unpalatable course of action. We must lead the mindless masses. We are still idealists at heart, and we still want to believe that humanity can wake up, rise up and do it for themselves. They cannot and will not, so if we do not lead them, the malevolent will.

Our only other potential course of action is to, either with full awareness or wallowing in new age feel-good fantasy, hide our collective head in the sand and ohhm our way to oblivion.

Which path is your path?