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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On seduction and forgiveness

One of the common features of the controllers is that they are masters of turning everything we do to their advantage. For the most part, they follow our moves and distort them to their purposes. They do not bother to lead us anywhere. They just take advantage of everything we do and distort it.

Seducing movements
Whatever the origins of the ancient mystery schools, they are now controlled by the controllers. Mystery schools themselves used to recognise this in their requirement to shut a school down after 144 years, as the corruption by then would be impossible to control. The mysteries were retained and guarded by a small handful of high level initiates who passed them down for a few generations until a new school could emerge again after another 144 years. Mystery schools knew they could be corrupted, as they are. They are all well past their 144 years today.

The New Age emerged out of the corrupt mystery schools with most of the early new agers being initiates of these mystery schools. They became disaffected from them because of the clear corruption and clear control by the controllers. However, we didn't get away from the controllers for long. All they had to do was wheel out a few Americans with perfect teeth and massive media machines, and the new age got seduced into the meaningless pap it is today.

They do this with every single movement we start, meaning we can guarantee that any movement will be taken over and corrupted. These days with the power of the media machine, they can take anything over in days or weeks, rather than 144 years.

Seducing individuals
They also seduce individuals, both those who are useful to them and those who are a nuisance to them, often without that individual having any idea what has happened. They are masters of corruption. This means that anyone who comes to their attention is extremely likely to take a wrong turn despite their best intentions. Watch any leader of the current alternative movements and you will see that leader starting to do things that they would not have dreamed of doing a few days, months or years earlier. Mostly they think they are doing the right thing, but have made just a tiny veer off their pathway that will take them into the abyss if they do not correct it. Often what they are doing is still 99% right, but it is that remaining 1% that serves the agenda of the controllers.

There may be a few individuals who have voluntarily sold out to the controllers, but most have been seduced without their knowledge.

On an individual level, we must all be alert to being corrupted. None of us is immune. We can accidentally take our intuitive direction from a wrong source. We can allow our egos to become inflated. We can trust the wrong person. One way or another, we can become victims of misdirection. Each and every one of us can - and will - become victims of misdirection. What matters is how quickly we recognise that misdirection and how willing we are to correct. Money can be key here. If our income is now reliant on that misdirection, correction can be very hard indeed. Ego can be just as hard to manage. If we have gained status, then we are likely to do whatever he have to do to hang onto that new found status - even once we know we are doing the wrong thing.

Leaders and followers, and the dismantling of hierarchy
If we choose to look for the good side of this, then there is a seriously good side to it.

One feature of the new world we are heading for is the dismantling of hierarchy. Hierarchy is premised on the belief that that someone else is intrinsically better than we are. This allows us to hand over power to that person as we trust that they can think, lead and commune with our god better than we can. Our new world is premised on respect, which is different. We can respect that a person has a skill or knowledge that we do not have. I have not chosen to be an electrician so I will respect what an electrician has to say about how to wire a plug. In turn, that electrician is not a sports trainer and so will trust what the trainer has to say about how to play the game. Neither the electrician nor the trainer is a superior human being. They just have a specialist skill so that we do not all have to be specialists at everything.

Fundamentalists of all kinds expect perfection from their leaders. They want to hero-worship their leaders so that they can hand over total power and total responsibility to their leaders. But no-one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, so we should never place blind trust in anyone. Even someone we have been able to trust will, from time to time, make serious mistakes, so we must always stay alert to those mistakes. Our love for another is demonstrated both by how much we trust them in the first place and by how much we stick by them when they betray that trust - as they will. Everyone does.

So let's stop building leaders into demi-gods, and let's stop hating them when they fall. Let's take what advantage we can from every individual who stands out from the crowd, without trying to turn that individual into a leader we can follow or an object of hate to be derided. Let's learn what we can from them and integrate that learning into our growing awareness. Let's be just a little tolerant when those leaders take a wrong turn, as they all inevitably will. The more potential they have, the more they will be targeted for corruption and the more subtle and insidious that corruption will be.

And most importantly, let each and every one of us keep a hawk eye on our own pathway and pray that we have some good friends who will both correct us and forgive us when we take that inevitable wrong turn.