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Friday, November 1, 2013

Russell Brand and the hundredth monkey point

The best hope for mankind and the earth now is that we somehow trigger the hundredth money point - and we can do it if we get real and get focussed.

If you don't know what the hundredth monkey is, you can read about it here.

Step 1 - Don't play a game you can't win
Forget about educating anyone who is not already "on board". It is too late.

Step 2 - Get educated yourself
Get as educated as you possibly can about all aspects of the problem. The more clearly we think the more we influence the "group mind" which triggers the hundredth monkey point. If you don't know what group mind is, you can read about it here.

So we must be very sure that we are extraordinarily well educated about everything that matters.
  1. Chemtrails and geo-engineering. Forget about "spraying". The exhaust from fuel formulation being used in all domestic and military aircraft is leaving the persistent chem trails that are now criss crossing the sky. Get educated on who is doing it, and what they are doing. Check out the geo-engineering publications and the geo-engineering facts.
  2. Vaccinations. Forget about the various rumours that vaccinations are spiked with malignant viruses and the like. We can never know. Even without them, the aluminium and mercury used nominally as preservatives are enough to cause us serious harm. Find out what is going on with all vaccination programs.
  3. Mainstream medicine. Get over it!.  Drugs achieve almost nothing. Standard medical treatments achieve almost nothing and often less than nothing. Get very clear on the statistical effectiveness of all sorts of treatments, both allopathic and natural. Make sure you study the CURE rates. How many people are CURED by each kind of treatment. Forget management; that just means staying on dangerous drugs for what is left of a life-time. Don't be conned into thinking that "management" has anything to do with CURE. Get the facts.
  4. Agriculture and GMO. Learn the difference between grafting plants, hybridising plants and genetic engineering. They are all vastly different. The seriously dangerous development is GMO. Sure, hybrid plants don't have the same food value as wild seeded plants, but they are not dangerous in the same ways as GMO plants. Don't mix them up.
  5. Food additives. Get to know them all and avoid them all. This goes for additives not just in food but also in cleaning products, fuels, cosmetics. It includes fire retardants on new furniture and computers. Find all the chemical and heavy metal poisons in your life, remove them and become very very clear about what damage each does.
Step 3 - Make sure your "on-board" friends are as well educated as you
These are just the thin end of the wedge, but if we get intellectually clear about each of these ourselves, then make sure that others around us who are "on board" are also equally intellectually clear on each of these things, then we may just push the public awareness level to the hundredth monkey point.

But we MUST do our research, learn the facts, think them through and make sure everyone around us is equally intellectually clear. Then we WILL trigger the hundredth monkey point - that  point where the mass of mainstream suddenly catch on! They will catch on, but only if we do our homework - we have to do the hard yards to make it happen.

So why the mention of Russell Brand in the heading for this article? Well, he may or may not be the messiah, but the very explosiveness of what he is now saying, and how it is being received, is telling us that the hundredth monkey point is closer than we may have thought. Let's get working on that clarity so that more Russell Brands emerge into the public eye, voice our thoughts for us and push that awareness until it becomes an unstoppable force.