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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who are the experts on reptilians?

Who are the experts on reptilians? No-one!

Those of us who know of the existence of reptilians, know for a reason, or a series of reasons. We each have some level of experience that convinces us of their existence and illustrates some of their attributes.

But that is where it stops.

The human brain will always fill in the gaps in it's knowledge, so it does so based on previous learnings and experience. We all develop conceptual frameworks within which we explain life. I got my first introduction to reptilians when I was exposed to them via the ancient mystery schools. So I used their conceptual framework and their language to understand and explain what I saw and what I experienced. For more on this framework, refer to Energy, Vibrations and Life and The Human Energy Bodies.

Others have different experiences and different ranges of knowledge and so use different languages and frameworks with which to understand and explain their experiences. This means that we inevitably come up with different scenarios to explain who and what the reptilians are and their agenda on earth. We can never agree. We can tell similar stories but we can never agree on the details of the story. That is just the way it is.

The only thing we can be certain of is that we are ALL wrong to some degree. The reptilian world exists beyond the range of the human senses to perceive them so we have no way of experiencing the full picture in full three dimensional awareness. We make up for our 3 dimensional limitations by developing and using our occult senses, by intuiting, channelling, theorising, and a host of other occult senses, to increase our experience, and these lead us into even murkier territory that we can never prove to anyone else.

Our challenge now is to work co-operatively with others who also have experience of reptilians to:
  • See what we know - each of us must honestly identify what is knowledge and what is conjecture so that we each, individually, build up the most accurate and complete picture available to us.
  • Share our knowledge with others, and most importantly listen to what others have to say in the most respectful way. 
  • Compare our similarities and differences to see if we can clarify those aspects that are, as yet, obscure. At this point we stop, because this is not about winning. It is about learning. No-one can be completely certain they have the full picture.
From this point we need to change the process. We need to:
  • Identify problems posed by the reptilians that we can agree on.
  • Identify solutions for those problems that we can agree on.
  • Implement those solutions.
The very process of implementing solutions will bring new experiences that will add to our insights and analyses, so we keep cycling round through See, Share and Compare to Identify problemsIdentify solutions and Implement solutions.

Why will this never happen?  It will never happen because everyone in "the reptilian business" has an ego stake in being right. Everyone wants to be seen as "the expert". No-one is prepared to respect the contribution of others to the total picture. No-one want to co-operate as part of a team. And most importantly, no-one wants to get into solutions mode, get logical, and do the hard yards necessary to identify and implement solutions.

Or do they?

And without this, the reptilians win whatever it is they are trying to win.

Or do they?