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Are you concerned about reptilians?

If you already know a lot about them, read my posts and join me in a dialogue of discovery about them.

If you know very little about them, start by watching the video Reptilian & Annunaki History, then listen to the Richard Vizzutti audio files, then the David Icke interview on Red Ice Radio. After that you should be well enough informed to watch any videos and know if they are truth or lie. There are more videos on my YouTube channel.

This is not an easy journey. It is a profound shock to discover that everything you once believed about life is a lie. Congratulations on your courage.

Group mind and morphic fields

Morphic fields are a kind of “group mind” which exists for all species and sub-species, in fact all living things.

“From this point of view, living organisms inherit not only genes but also morphic fields. The genes are passed on materially from their ancestors...:the morphic fields re inherited non-materially, by morphic resonance, not just from direct ancestors but also from other members of the species. The developing organism tunes into the morphic fields of its species and thus draws upon a pooled or collective memory.”

This is a complex theory which is difficult to condense into a few lines. It is the parallel of the mystical “Egregore” of the Rosicrucians, “Group Mind” of Alice Bailey, the “Sphere” of Dion Fortune, and the “Critical Mass” of James Redfield . It is also the explanation for the phenomenon of the “Hundredth Monkey”.

Again, we have an example of science demonstrating what mysticism already knows. For anyone interested, Rupert Sheldrake’s books are very readable so I will not endeavour to explain his theories in any further detail here.